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The circle of life goes on and more seeds come out

Heirloom tomato seeds sprouted quickly.

Heirloom tomato seeds sprouted quickly.

The tax man notwithstanding, mid-April brings with it many a happy harbinger of spring: Tomorrow’s weather forecast puts Chicago in the 70s, we’ve had a couple of days of fitful April showers, the heirloom tomato seeds I planted just last week have sprouted and now, in their new sunny location, are bowing their heads in deference to heliotropism.

Life goes on.

And so does my planting. I’m about to start a second wave — this one just for flowers — and pulling out the 72 peat pellet tray for the occasion. I realize that if you’re a first-timer it’s hard to imagine that these slight seedlings will become strong, fully developed plants, baring flowers and fruit, but it will happen. . . and the process is absolutely fascinating to watch. Do share it with your kids if you have them. I find myself checking every day, sometimes twice a day to see what changes have taken place.

I’m also excited about the flower seeds I’m trying for the first time: bells of Ireland, ultra sky blue petunia, wildflower Texas bluebonnet, sunflower honey bear, starflower and cosmos cosmic orange. Since a couple of you mentioned the Himalayan blue poppy, I ordered a pack of seeds for that one, as well, and look forward to adding it to the garden.

I have more seed packets than I’m going to be able to use, so I’ve narrowed things down while keeping my color scheme in mind; blue, yellow, orange and green are all represented. I’ll keep the leftover packets for next year. That still leaves me planting about 15 flower varieties.

I know it seems like I’m planting a lot of seeds for a small balcony garden. But, I like to pack my planters for thick lush clusters that cascade over the sides. I also spread around a few pots here and there. If everything comes off as planned it’s a pleasure to behold, a bit like a secret garden.

If only the watering wasn’t such a bear…

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  Stephanie wrote @

Hey Avis, I like how you organise the tray of growing seeds. Very lab like. Hmm… your selected colour scheme… very nice… oh I am so looking forward to see your garden in full bloom later.

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