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I’ve got the blues… hope it’s not too much of a good thing

Three shades of blue.

Three shades of blue in a past garden. Even more blue varieties will abound this year, punctuated with yellow, green and orange.

In my mind’s eye, the idea of a monochromatic garden is very intriguing, entrancing even. All-white gardens are quite the rage in certain circles, and, with my adoration of blue flowers, I’ve been oh-so tempted to create an all-blue fantasy.

But I think the reality would be far less satisfying than the dream. Recently, a fellow gardener who shares my love of blue said that if she had her druthers, some day she’d plant a garden of blues and purples… And white. Instinctively she knows that as beautiful as blue is, it needs to be set off by a contrasting shade to really wow.

One year I did blue, with a little bit of yellow for emphasis, and I still felt there was something lacking. That’s why even though blues will make up the bulk of my planters, I want to layer in lesser degrees of other colors for contrast, to show the blues off to more spectacular effect. So, I’ll start with blue and then step down with yellow, green, and red/orange.

But in looking at the 72-peat-pellet mini-greenhouse solely planted with blue seeds, I’m wondering if I may have gone overboard in the dominant color department.

My blue seeds are: Himalayan blue poppy, Bachelor’s buttons blue boy, Tweedia sky blue, Petunia ultra sky blue, Morning glory Picotee blue, Wildflower Texas bluebonnet, Cupid’s dart blue, Morning glory heavenly blue, Forget-me-not blue bird, Lobelia crystal palace, and Petunia pearls royal blue. And that doesn’t include the plants I ordered. I must admit I’ve lost track of just what flowers that shipment will include. I know there is blue Lisianthus and Salvia…

IĀ  only planted six varieties of yellow, green and red/orange flowers combined! I hope they won’t be overwhelmed by all the blue. (Hopefully, the aforementioned delivery will also include more flowers in my contrasting colors.)

Wait… I ordered lavender, too.

Ah well, the good thing about a garden is you can just keep tinkering until you get it like you want.

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  Christine wrote @

Thanks for visiting and leaving a kind comment. I don’t think your garden will be too blue šŸ™‚ gardens often have a predominant colour at different times of the year (apart from green of course!) in spring ours is yellow with primroses and daffodils but later that changes to blue with forget me nots and bluebells. It will change again when the geraniums flower. Happy gardening.

  Stephanie wrote @

Hi Avis, Blue will definitely make your garden look calm and sweet. I think you love blue right? Like this blog is blue šŸ™‚ I believe every kind of blue flower has their own unique tone. I look forward to seeing your garden all filled with blue flowers. I can imagine it will make a statement! Now I am learning something new from you… focus on one colour. And, with the lavender fragrance going on… wonderful!

  Lynne wrote @

I did a white garden once. I love the blues and purples as well. Can’t wait to see the new garden.

  Zanthan Gardens wrote @

I have exactly the same problem. I love blue flowers and plant a lot of them. Sometimes I think I should add some yellows or pinks to brighten it up. But then they’d take up room I could be using for my favorite blues.

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