A green space for urban gardeners

Inside out: go with a seamless flow from interior to garden

Wrought iron chair adds whimsy.

A wrought iron chair used to add elevation and whimsy plays off similar interior elements.

Today was magnificent! Sunny, 80 degrees, with the softest of breezes playing across my balcony. Gone was the icy chill that has been hidden in the winds of recent days.

Chimes for feng shui

Chimes for feng shui

Sprouts, small plants, and my tabby sunned themselves outside, and as if on cue, I got an email from Burpee saying that the remainder of my plant order was being shipped and would arrive in two days. The danger of frost has past. At last.

With tonight’s low temperature forecast at a nice 60 degrees, I think that for the first time, I’ll leave things out for the duration. Except for the cat, of course. I’ve begun to envision being able to finally sit  outside myself — in a tranquil, relaxing garden.

Green-trimmed rug

Green-trimmed rug

And how do I go about creating it? My living/ dining area opens to my balcony garden, so I try to use color to pull you seamlessly from one space to the other. My interior walls are a soothing green and my rug has royal blue, pale yellow, green and orange hues — hues you’ll remember make up my palette for the plants in the garden.

Interior rug mirrors tones used outside

Interior rug mirrors tones used outside

I also have some black wrought iron elements inside, and I’ve reflected that outside, as well, via a couple of small bistro chair frames that I place in corners to elevate some of the plants for added depth and dimension. The all-weather mat outside has green tones, I use orange terra cotta pots, and my adirondack chairs and the matching table are a vivid blue.

Bright blue adirondack

Blue adirondack

Oh, and every urban balcony, with the myriad ambient sounds playing in the background, can use a little feng shui: well-positioned wind chimes counter the everyday commotion. They rest against the net lights.

We have to do our best to build our own brand of paradise.


  Stephanie wrote @

Hi Avis, wonderful to see all plan are working for your space. I think the blue adirondack is a very nice addition. It really made your space more cheery and relaxing in the night. Remember to switch on that net lighting you put up ok! Have blessed day!

  Stephanie wrote @

PS: regarding Crape Myrtle, I saw the purple and red ones today. Put their pictures in the same post as an update. I tried the fun thing! I squezed the bud and the flower came out! So fun 😀 TQ!

  Jo wrote @

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I’ve just had a quick look at your blog and it looks really interesting. Before I got my allotment I used to grow veg and flowers in containers in my back garden. You soon get bitten by the gardening bug though and I’ve now got an allotment.
I’m going to have a wander round your blog and have a good read.

  Gardensindesert wrote @

What a wonderful blog. I enjoy the decorating and feng shui tidbits. I’ll be back soon.

  Steve wrote @

Great post and you already have an intriguing blog, Avis. Isn’t it nice to see 60 degree evenings? If you say no, I will never respect you again, lol. Man, I sure love it.

  Lynne wrote @

You have always had an exceptional design eye even in our college dorm rooms!

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