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Raindrops help make a clean sweep in garden after dirty job

DSC00423I’ve never thought of myself as eccentric, but I dare say others might — had they seen me outside today. In the rain. Using an extension pole cleaning wand to wash down the clerestory windows above my balcony sliders.

In my defense, it was a light rainfall. And no thunder or lightning was involved.

The good news is that after three days of relentless banging, followed by the whirring and grinding sound of a metal blade meeting brick and mortar, I think the work above my balcony is finished. The metal scaffolding was mechanically hoisted back up onto the roof and moved west, doubtless to treat my neighbor to a similar acoustic torture over the next few days.

More good news: despite the sun deprivation my plants have endured during their indoor sojourn, they looked hale and hearty this afternoon.

The bad news, though, is that my balcony was much the worse for wear. It was covered in dust, some mortar-taupe in color, some brick-orange. And there were several gobs of fresh mortar that had dripped down and hardened.

Of course, I’ve always maintained that rain can wash away a multitude of sins. And in this case it provided the perfect opportunity to go out and do some serious scrubbing, all the while conserving water by using Mother Nature’s generous supply instead of tapping the tap.

Hopefully, everything will look better in the morning. I’ll check with the crew then to make absolutely certain that they won’t have to hover above my balcony anymore.

If they give me the thumbs up, I can move my numerous plants (like the begonia above) back outside to soak up some of the rainfall in tomorrow’s forecast.

After all the backbreaking labor that task will entail, giving me a reprieve from watering is the least Mother Nature can do.


  Stephanie wrote @

Yes! I love the rain too. I collect rain water to wash my tiled compound. I find that my plants love the rain too (not heavy rain of course… for the flowers’ sake). My plants will look refreshed after a shower especially when the sun is up again.

  Ross wrote @

Hi Avis, I’m also a balcony gardener – there is nothing like a good soaking rain to get new buds and shoots on my plants…and to wash away the dirt – my neighbour below may not agree though!

  Avis Weathersbee wrote @

Hi Ross,
Good to hear from another balcony gardener. And hopefully, the rain will clean your neighbors’ decks as well. Sort of a “trickle down” effect. 😉 Cheers!

  Jo wrote @

I’m pleased to hear that your plants have survived their ordeal. They will be pleased to get back outside.

  Avis Weathersbee wrote @

Jo: They are definitely finished above my balcony but are working on my neighbor adjacent balcony, so I might push it and see if I can keep them in a couple more days to avoid some of the migrating dust…

  Chicago Garden wrote @

Sounds like balcony gardening is just as hard as gardening in a yard. Hope the workers finish soon-so you can get those plants outside.

  Avis Weathersbee wrote @

Chicago Garden,
This summer is definitely proving tough. I hope to get the plants back out by the weekend.

  Miss Daisy wrote @

What a fun site you’ve got going here! Love the pictures of your cat, too! I’m always fascinated by balcony gardening, so I look forward to more of your posts!

  Avis Weathersbee wrote @

Thanks Miss Daisy! Your site is nice, too! I love the photo carousel at the top! Cheers!

  Lynne wrote @

Phew! glad its almost over! I was so concerned for you and your garden. You an eccentric? NAH!
Is that lovely bloom from your garden?

  catmint wrote @

If I have the time for gardening, I wouldn’t let a little rain stop me. Not until water is dripping down my neck anyway. Let us be proudly eccentric!

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