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Growth: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there

DSC00546DSC00548I’ve been slow to post this week for the simple reason that I felt like not much was happening in my garden.

Replacements for lost plants had been set out and new seeds sown where necessary. The weather has been warm and sunny. I’ve been diligent about my watering and feeding. And, the drama going on with the repairs to my building seems to be in its last gasp.

So, it was the plants’ turn to get busy and fulfill the lush, colorful vision I put forth for my balcony container garden. Apparently no one told the plants.

I checked them daily, expecting something extraordinary to happen — growth spurts, blooms on seedlings, first tomatoes, etc. Alas, everything looked green and healthy; there were no crises or problems. But there also were no noticeable changes. Things seemed to be at a standstill.

I have this one Wave blue petunia — without a blemish on it — that lacked only the profusion of purple-blue flowers to punctuate a planter that looked overwhelmingly yellow. But days went by and all I saw was green. I implored: Flower already!

And my lovely geranium with variegated leaves, again, looks healthy, but after the initial red blooms died off, none came along to replace them.

Of course, there was a lesson in all this — beyond the obvious one of the virtue of being patient…

What I categorized as a standstill was actually repose. While it may have looked like nothing was happening, messages were being sent, photosynthesis was underway and, though not visible from day to day, transformation was taking place — growth in fact.

And at the risk of sounding Zen, that’s a lot like life.

Oh yeah, after the seemingly uneventful week, my petunia is starting to put on the splashy display that I’d hoped for, with vibrant blossoms bobbing amid the sea of green (top photo). Can the fancy-leaf geranium be far behind?


  Stephanie wrote @

Avis, great! looks like the blue/purple flowers are making appearance as planned. Are they grown from seeds that you purchased earlier? That variegated leave geranium are beautiful. I like it! I look forward to see your sweet potato plant too 😉 Have a great weekend!

  City Diggity wrote @

I did plant seeds for “ultra sky blue” petunia, but they didn’t grow, so the one you see here was purchased at the local home store. The Fancy-leaf geranium caught my eye because of the variegation on the leaves rather than the flowers, but I still want the flowers, too. Hope they come back soon! Cheers!

  Jo wrote @

Yes, we gardeners sure do have to have patience. I find that petunias do like to please, so now they are flowering I’m sure they will go on and on.

  Laura Gardens in Desert wrote @

By all means, Zen On!

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