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It’s deja vu: plants have to be hauled inside – one last time

DSC00640DSC00631DSC00636If you’ve been following my posts, you’ve read about how work on the exterior of my building has been interfering with my balcony garden. I had to move all the plants — herbs, flowers, heirloom tomatoes — inside for nearly two weeks! And once they were back outside there was still the issue of mortar dust blowing about.

Well, the dust has finally settled, but instead of being able to kick back and relax in the garden I had to move the plants inside — all over again! This time it was because our association mandated painting of the balcony railings and washing and sealing of the wooden deck flooring.

So, I was up at 7 on Tuesday morning hauling three 36-inch boxes of flowering and trailing plants, two 36-inch boxes of herbs and edibles, four 12-inch clay pots of hooped tomatoes, and too many other pots to name into my living room.

In addition to the plants, this time I also had to take down all of the net lights that were attached to the railing and the length of screening that was woven tautly through the bars to make things kitty safe.

Not that I’m complaining (OK, maybe I am a little, but about the lifting, not the end results)… After all that migrating dust, the balcony was due for a  good scrubbing. And the company did a bang up job — the wood was restored to a much more pristine condition, and the railings are now glossy and rust free.

But then of course, I had to put everything back… The screening was a lot stiffer and more difficult to maneuver than it was when I put it up several years back. And the net lights got tangled during the take down and took a lot of time to re-hang.

Long after the sun went down, I got all the plants back in place and was able to finally move the small pots of morning glory up against the railings and net lights to climb to their heart’s content.

And after that, I had to water everything — which took approximately 10 trips to the faucet to accomplish.

Today I vacuumed my outdoor mat to remove any remaining dust and put my blue adirondack chairs back in their usual spots. Now I can finally sit in repose in my private urban green space.

Isn’t gardening fun?


  Jo wrote @

Oh no, all that lifting yet again.
Hopefully that’s it now, and at least you’ve now got a smart new balcony on which to admire your plants.

  Stephanie wrote @

Gosh that was hard hard work! I love the blue chair. And, I am glad you mange to re-hang those lights… I kept telling my friends who live in condos about it. They also thought that it is a good idea 😉

  Miss Daisy wrote @

Oh man! That’s AWFUL! What a dread to keep having to move your plants in and out! That is such a lot of hard hard work. I feel for you! You are definitely getting your exercise!

  City Diggity wrote @

Jo, Steph, Jonna, Miss Daisy: I’m still recovering from all the lifting, but at least I can relax and enjoy the garden now. It’s mid-70s by the lake today, so perfect for sitting in the garden.

  Chicago Garden wrote @

It just never ends, eh?

I haven’t had to move plants around that much but I’ve had to move some of my indoor plants around on the back porch to accomodate BBQs and visiting guests. So far everything seems to have settled into an easy routine, only to have to get everything ready to come inside soon for the winter.

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