A green space for urban gardeners

Postscript: one last photo of zinnia shown in previous update

DSC00814In its final stage of evolution, you can see that all the petals of this zinnia “envy” have emerged.  I took the photo just this morning, around 7 a.m. See the post below to read the full story…


  Stephanie wrote @

TQ for this last pic ‘little bird’ 🙂

  Jo wrote @

I hope there are more waiting to open.

  City Diggity wrote @

Jo, there are more! Two other planter boxes have zinnias opening. Cheers!

  Gloria Bonde wrote @

I love the idea of a balcony garden. We just need a little bit of soil to plant in. I’ve often told my husband as long as I had a balcony to plant in I could be happy – Sometimes the garden seems “larger” than it is. Gloria

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