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By any other name: garden flowers with rose-like blooms

DSC00916DSC00763DSC00918In preparing to show you the blossom of the final lisianthus in the tri-color group I purchased this season — lime green, joining the previously unveiled blue and yellow — I couldn’t help noting how much they lived up to their description. The distributor promised blossoms reminiscent of those on a rose.

Basically, to me that means the way the buds compact and the subsequent layers of petals unfurl look a lot like that most popular of garden flowers. The lisianthus bundle I purchased is in fact dubbed “rose bouquet.”

Unfortunately the lisianthus, an annual, doesn’t provide the added gift of fragrance that roses can bring… On the other hand, it also doesn’t come with thorns (smile).

The lisianthus petals are ethereal and rice-paper thin — a bit less substantial than those on a rose — and they tend to give more with the breeze (a very pleasing effect when looking out on the balcony garden).

The stems, aren’t as sturdy as a rose’s either, making them trickier for use in arrangements in my book.

DSC00891After taking the photo of my lime colored lisianthus my eyes fell on a peach-hued begonia (right) and I couldn’t help but notice how it also resembled a rose in the way the bloom opened.

Then I started wondering what other flowers take on this aspect… ( I remember once seeing a succulent photo out there in the blogosphere that looked like a rose, too.)

So here’s my request of you: Send your photo — with caption and credit — of a rose-like flower in your garden, and I’ll post it here. Email pictures to


  Stephanie wrote @

This is a good idea! Yes, Begonia rose and Christmas kalanchoe do have flowers looking like rose. Whenever I am at the nurseries, I love to admire these plants. But I do not have any of those or other plant that has flower resembling rose in my garden. I would love to watch out for your post on rose-like flowers 😉 Btw, your Lisanthus flowers are beautiful!

  Miss Daisy wrote @

Wow! These are beauties! I loved the purple one–striking!

  Jo wrote @

They look beautiful. I especially like the purple one.

  kilbournegrove wrote @

This has to be one of the most commented on flowers at the flower shop where I work. People love them, they often do think that they are roses, tulips is another flower, people often think it is(more the single rather then doubles). They are great to use in bouquets or vase arrangements, the stems are very thin, but actually quite strong, and the flowers is very long lasting.

  Megan wrote @

I love the lime green lisianthus. I used to work in a building with a florist on the main floor, and I would treat myself to these flowers when they had them in stock. Other rose like flowers, eh? I will have to think about that one.

  City Diggity wrote @

The veggie chicken sounds like a good substitution in this recipe. Let me know how it tastes!

  Laura wrote @

Avis, the purple-blue is like velvet.

  Yan wrote @

Beautiful, I’m not familiar with lisianthus but will be looking out for them from now on. The yellow, blue and lime green is one of my favourite colour combinations. There are certain camellias that always remind me of rose bushes, will have to wait for spring before I can send pics.

  james wrote @

I had seen lisianthus sold by florist and floral bouquets but never in its plant form. Did you plant it by seeds or cuttings?
They are lovely, wonder if they are hardy compared to roses.
Thanks for the message in Blotanical, just visited your lovely blog and wanted to say hi.

  City Diggity wrote @

I ordered several small plants of the lisianthus at the beginning of the season. Our weather was really cool here in the spring, plus I had some delays getting my plants outdoors, so I didn’t see blooms until last month. Thanks for stopping by.

  Meredith wrote @

They are beautiful! I love the richness of the blue, but it’s hard for me to resist lime. That poor yellow — it’s beautiful, too, but it’s not getting the same attention from everyone. I’m trying to decide whether I’d choose fragrance or thorns if I had a rose-like plant. It’s a hard call — but I don’t have either a lisianthus or a rose right now, so I guess I won’t worry about it! I do have a baby begonia, though!

  Christine wrote @

Hello Avis, thanks for visiting my garden 🙂 The lisianthus are beautiful. I have not heard of them before but will look out for them, they certainly are rose like.

  Pamela Hubbard wrote @

Hi, Avis,
Your photographs are beautiful! l love the lisianthus and want one. I use impatiens in my shade garden and some varieties are very rose-like. Thanks for your message on Blotanical. Pamela

  Jackie wrote @

Wow! At first glance I really thought those were roses! Beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog recently.

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