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The garden in winter: saving some thoughts for a snowy day

DSC00603DSC00553DSC00650Months ago, a friend — who tends to see the glass as half-empty — asked what would happen to this blog when Chicago’s gardening season ended.

It was a question I hadn’t even stopped to ask myself. As it was, I was struggling with finding photos to illustrate posts for my fledgling blog, since nothing was yet in bloom — and, stretching the random photos I’d saved from previous seasons on my cell phone camera was beginning to be, well, a stretch.

Over the course of developing CityDiggity and cultivating my small-space urban oasis I learned many new things about blogging and gardening (oh, the power of social networking!). And, along the way I also got a decent camera (smile).

That camera still holds an abundance of photos that I never got to share, and they provoked many thoughts that I never got to express. Essentially, things I’ve saved for a snowy day — which might not be that far off considering we’ve had our first frost.

So, to answer my friend’s question, I will continue blogging through Chicago’s cold, cruel winter — sharing recollections of things unsaid, adventures in indoor gardening, recipes using veggies to try in future gardens, the beauty of area garden exhibits, thoughts on sustainability, lessons learned from the past season, and finally, advanced planning for next year’s garden.

[Hope you enjoy the photos above, which are a brief flashback on the season’s balcony container garden. And don’t forget to subscribe to my feed so that you know when new posts are available. Cheers!]


  Stephanie wrote @

Hello Avis! how are you doing? I have lots of pictures stored in my hard disk. Whenever I look back at those photos, there are bound to be things that I have missed out. So some of those photos can be used later. I hope to see more postings from you yeah… Btw, most of the leaves of my sweet potato vine got scorched by the sun last weekend. I have cut those dried leaves and stems away. I hope the plant could regrow soon. I find that my method of training the vine to climb on the tomato cage did not work well as the sun/hot weather can easily scorch up the leaves. It has be a creeper. The cage is taken out and the plant left its roots/tuber only ;-(

  City Diggity wrote @

Hope your sweet potato bounces back! I’m looking forward to photos from you of one that is actually flowering since you live in a tropical climate.

  Miss Daisy wrote @

I’ve often thought of the same thing beings I’m a new gardening blogger. We have harsh winters here. I’ve already had to rip out my garden because we’ve had frost for the last 2 weeks. Beautiful photos.

  Jo wrote @

I think the same thoughts go through the minds of many bloggers. Since I haven’t yet blogged through a winter I don’t yet know what I shall blog about, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

  kilbournegrove wrote @

You have answered a question that I have been thinking about for a few weeks now. I started blogging in June and have not run out of ideas, however the garden is winding down now.
I look forward to reading your blog all winter and hopefully I will be able to scare up a few pictures to post on my blog.

  Pamela wrote @

I am glad you are going to continue blogging through the winter months. You wont find it difficult to come up with ideas, I’m sure. Pam x

  linda wrote @

Looking forward to seeing your cold-season posts Avis – sounds like you’ve got lots of good ideas already percolating.

Here in the south ‘burbs we haven’t had frost yet, but all the tender plants were brought inside last Saturday, along with the last tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. Although the 29-degree predicted low didn’t materialize here, I’m glad to be finished hauling, and commence daydreaming about next year’s garden.

  Diane wrote @

There’s plenty to say in the winter – thoughts on the past season, plans for the next season, drooling over catalogs, etc. Plus, it’s nice to have a blog where you can post winter photos, whether plant-related or not!

My personal solution for how to occupy my winters: HOUSEPLANTS. 🙂

  MrBrownThumb @ Chicago Garden wrote @

Glad you have some ideas already, because if you didn’t I was going to suggest you could blog about growing indoor herbs, houseplants and forcing spring bulbs indoors. That usually keeps me occupied enough until the seed starting season gets underway.

  Lynne Jordan wrote @

Melon is so handsome. can’t wait to hear about your wintergarden!

  Jacqueline wrote @

Hi Avis, just love the combo in your first picture, they look so joyful sharing the small container space.
You have a nice garden! Thanks for sharing.
Happy blogging!

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