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The Chicago blizzard of 2011: Yes, a garden’s buried here!

Here’s what my balcony garden looked like after the blizzard of 2011 blew through Chicago overnight, leaving almost 20 inches of snow on the ground.

Looking out the window after midnight yesterday — and into the day today — all you could see was a thick white haze.

And believe it or not, we had snow, thunder and lightning simultaneously. A first for me!

Most entities here just threw in the towel and called it a snow day!

Not a bad time for reflections on last summer’s garden. Here’s a look back at some of my favorite blooms…


  mimi wrote @

Sorry to hear about all the snow. Here in the Northeast, we’ve been getting hammered with snow also. Let’s hope it all melts soon!

  Dawn/LitttleGreenFingers wrote @

Good lord – now that’s what I call snow *begins to feel slgihtly embarassed by own winter moans*

Keep staring at those photos and repeat after me “it will get better, it WILL get better”

  UrbanTravelGirl wrote @

Avis, thanks for reminding us that Spring really WILL arrive some day! But this week’s blizzard sure made it seem that warm weather was a LONG way away. Let’s hope we can all hang in there ’til it arrives!

  linda wrote @

Even snow-covered, your balcony’s a pretty sight Avis! Stay warm!

  Mr. McGregor’s Daughter wrote @

This much snow makes changes familiar views into something weirdly wonderful. I’ve been digging into my photo archives too now, thinking of spring.

  Pam’s English Garden wrote @

Dear Avis, A snow day in Chicago? The schools almost never close there! But you used the time well. Beautiful pics. P x

  Amy wrote @

Hope the garden reappears from under the snow sometime soon… Beautiful flower photos from last year!

  Tracy wrote @

Hang in there, spring is just a few weeks away.

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