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Garden is the perfect antidote for the stress of long days

As the sun set on the first day of summer, I reflected on the state of my balcony garden — which, sad to say, is still in its infancy.

The crush of months of unrelenting work, plus a stubborn bug that zapped any remaining energy I had at the end of the day, has resulted in a slow start. I’m still adding plants as the days progress, and I have to admit that for once I didn’t go into the season with a well-crafted plan.

I had the usual abundance of seed packets, and even picked up a few more that displayed photos which struck my fancy… But, the visions of color

schemes, placement and balance that I’ve let be my guide in previous seasons weren’t dancing in my head.

So, I decided to make having no plan my plan. I thought I’d just put my faith in the garden and hope that it would sort of create its own order — with a little massaging from me, of course. Let’s just say it was my “moment of Zen.”

Following that path, I observed as some things returned on their own (and in the case of my chives — with a vengeance) and pulled some things that appeared invasive and looked as though they drifted in on a breeze.

Early sprouting leaves that were identifiable were spared so as to tuck in alongside the new additions. And, with the newbies I didn’t even resist the allure of pink (a color I love as a rule, but that typically gets edited out because I don’t think it works as well in extending the palette from my interior space).

Some of the things in my balcony container garden this summer are impatiens, lisianthus, violas, petunias, begonias, a geranium, lettuce and the aforementioned chives. I’ll share more photos and musings regularly from here on. I promise…

Because in another moment of Zen, I was reminded that the garden is the perfect prescription to give back that energy that life’s stresses take away.

[Photos: Lettuce and flowering chives.]


  linda wrote @

Sorry about that bug Avis. I hope you’re feeling better. With our unusually cool, rainy spring, it seems everything but the weeds is off to a somewhat slower start this year.

Your lettuce and chives look beautiful, and delicious! They seem to be enjoying the cool weather.

  mygreenfinder wrote @

Hello Avis! Your chives look pretty. So glad to hear from you again. I garden to destress also hehe…

re: herb – I started with rosemary. It gave me confidence to grow other herb plants as rosemary did well. Later I realise many other gardeners grow herbs here as well. And yes now I can have some herbs readily for my cooking 😀

  carol nissen wrote @

Hi Avis,
Glad to hear you are getting back in the swing of things. Gardening is good for the soul — it’ll help you get better. My green returnees are always welcome back…I got tiny tomatoes, mint, chive and garlic chive beside the things I kept in the cold frame.
A racoon must have trashed my water garden gggrrrr… I rescued the tiny helvola root floating on the surface but my poor trap door snails seem to have disappeared… coated wire framework now covering the tub garden – but furry paws can be pretty determined – this 20 minutes from downtown NYC in Jersey City!

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